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November 2006


We've recently been working on a number of client-updatable sites using WordPress installations such as that for the Wymondham Town United Under 11s Squad (who we sponsor) and RPM :: Reviews Per Month.

In the latter case, we've also rolled out integration between the WordPress site itself and an image gallery using a popular database-driven photograph gallery package so that the main site and the separate image gallery are combined.

We've also been adding an online booking system to one of our existing Clients' web sites: more details on this to follow when it's launched.

July 2006

More Anorak-y Stuff

The Client has been so pleased with the embedded RSS feeds on the EasyRMS web site that they asked us if we could create an RSS feed for their own regular press releases. Their new RSS feed is now updated when they issue a new press release and their own home page also carries the feed to show it's not just their industry doing new things but the Client themselves!

Secondly, we've added a similar embedded RSS feed to the Morris Associates web site to carry legal news from "Building" magazine.

June 2006

Running to catch up

Yes, yes, yes, as usual we've been too busy working on our Clients' sites to update this page.

We've added embedded RSS feeds to the EasyRMS web site: the first three are RSS to JavaScript solutions but due to a limitation from the feed for the fourth, we've had to use a more complicated solution using an inline frame to carry a page created on the fly from the RSS feed. Interesting stuff for us as "anoraks"!

Highlights also include a couple of personal blogging sites to test their use as possible inexpensive content management systems, so we're trialling a WordPress installation and a Movable Type installation for these purposes with good results so far; we're very encouraged.

February 2006

Updates, updates

We've been so busy working on our Clients' sites, we've neglected our own - yet again!

Amongst the updates and new sites:

Barrett & Co.

We've carried out a complete CSS-based redesign of the Client's web site which includes a user-selectable design and accessibility features whilst still retaining a contemporary 'look and feel'.


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