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October 2007

Another Copyright Thief

Yes, we've been alerted to Yet Another Copyright Thief taking text from our site and reproducing it as their own. This time it's a Canadian designer calling themselves "Capturing Design" whose own site conspicuously fails to list any clients. I wonder why?

Clearly, they do not realise we always take action against them (and their hosts).

September 2007

CMS Site Launched

A Client approached us about having a site designed for them around a CMS - "Content Management System" - having received some quotes they thought were high. We quizzed them as to exactly what they wanted and why they wanted their own CMS before suggesting to them that the site they wanted could be achieved through the use of blogging software, especially as the cost of a bespoke CMS would be avoided.

So lo and behold, that's exactly what we have done for TTS Electrical Training Limited and to cap it all we've also included a photo gallery for them linked in to Flickr.

July 2007

Another Domain Renewal Scam

We've recently received some e-mails sent to the Admin. contact for some of our .com domain names from "Domain Renewal" (reminder@domainrenewalonline.com) stating that:

It is time to renew your domain name {domainname.com}

Your domain name {domainnname.com} will expire within 90 days.
You may renew your domain automatically with Domain Renewal. Click on the link in this e-mail to renew the domain for another year. You should renew your domain as soon as possible in order for it to continue to be registered in your name.

Click here if you wish to renew your domain

As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation that your domain has been renewed...

It's not until further down the e-mail that you read - if you get that far through the last, large paragraph - that "you may also request your Internet Service Provider to renew the domain for you" which is the first point at which you might twig they are unconnected to your ISP or actual domain registrar.

If you do venture onto their web site, it's been cleverly designed to feature logos from major technology firms like Oracle, Cisco Systems, IBM and Microsoft for no apparent reason (other than to presumably make you think you're dealing with a reputable firm in the Internet sector).

Prices? Well how does $59.95 for one year grab you?


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