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Spammer e-mail addresses.

As a group of companies, we get truckloads of unsolicited commercial e-mail from companies who usually claim that we have opted in or otherwise chosen to receive this junk from them.

The fact that this is almost always a complete lie is usually demonstrated by our receiving spam to our generic mailboxes whose addresses appear on this web site (and others).

Given that these do not belong to any particular staff member, you can see how these parasites' bleatings that somehow our web site has chosen to submit itself to sites offering cheap satellite television or Viagra are complete bollocks...

The Spammers always say that theirs are legitimate businesses. If that is the case, why do they chose to set up bogus e-mail accounts to send from, attempt to hide their true net identities and use other companies' mailservers to send their rubbish through?

We also receive this stuff sent to "lusers" who don't know their own e-mail address: the trouble is that the less responsible companies don't use "double opt-in" like the BBC does - you enter an e-mail address but it isn't added to the lists unless verified by a test e-mail - so what we receive are de facto unsolicited commercial e-mails (aka Spam).

If you're on this list, don't bother contacting us from your company e-mail account as your domain names will already have been added to our NULL account lists: you won't get a bounce message and we won't get your messages either.

So, here are some of the parasites that we can be bothered to list who have sent us this rubbish so that you can contact them. Let's hope that their own spambots don't harvest their own addresses...

Oh and whilst we're at it, we really don't like the Direct Marketing Association.

Most of our Spam (and that's over 5,000 spam messages a week...) comes from the United States, Korea, China or the Philippines, the latter being the source of a lot of those drugs ones, in particular those from pharmacourt.biz, which has a bewildering array of those horrid .biz domain names, registered by people like mcgs@guide2grants.biz, sancai@total-isp.biz, rgamboa@sessionroad.biz, drew@fedgrants.biz and raypinioco@fedgrants.biz

email-link@163.com email-link@263.net chinaserver@tom.com serversh@tom.com

sales@1stopcompensation.com which is registered to richard@ccmdigital.com both of which were only registered for one year... Their contact e-mail is info@ccmdigital.com or you could ask richard@formmgr.co.uk if you can use his mail manager.

turretcalendar@101com.co.uk and enquiries@101com.co.uk or you could try one of these:

rlewis@101com.co.uk  gcunningham@101com.co.uk imunns@101com.co.uk  phanley@101com.co.uk  kmckell@101com.co.uk zpearson@101com.co.uk csanchez@101com.co.uk and quite possibly info@turret-rai.co.uk


marketing@3dbox.co.uk colin@3dbox.co.uk feedback@ipocketsoft.com

kw@3wl.co.uk aka keiron.windross@talk21.com


sales@aflonline.co.uk enquiry@aflonline.co.uk mail@aflonine.co.uk subscribe@aflonline.co.uk

info@alphatelecom.com info@alpha.co.uk support@on-linehelpdesk.co.uk






info@alist.co.uk and bettina@alist.co.uk who used info@roving.com / abuse@constantcontact.com for their Spam. More crap from alist aka info@love2lounge.com


sales@armourmarketing.co.uk sales@armourmarketing.com campaign@armourmarketing.co.uk andrew.richards@armourmarketing.co.uk robert.richards47@ntlworld.com also marketing@armourpromotions.co.uk and sales@armourcommercial.com

You have to love Andrew Richards: the removal instructions say this:

"...it is therefore possible that your email address may find its way back into our system in the future." ROFL!

art_party@artparty.co.uk or info@mansito.com who used support@sign-up.to


avit-info@uku.co.uk avit-unsubscribe@uku.co.uk info@av-ituk.net alex@av-ituk.net and alex@breathe.co.uk

dave@bellfruits.com sales@bellfruits.com clubjackpots@yahoo.co.uk

advertisers@bessdeals.co.uk partner_opportunites@bessdeals.co.uk and info@bessdeals.co.uk (jon.ward@mosaic-uk.com)  Mosaic UK have a particularly bizarre so-called privacy policy which I read to say that you can unsubscribe (opt-out) but that has no real effect!  (like the Eagles' "Hotel California": "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave") Mosaic Data Solutions, who manage the outgoing Spam for them can be contacted at info@customoffers.com or you can contact Chief Spammer - sorry - General Manager Larry Organ by sending him e-mail to larry@mosaicdatasolutions.com If you're as fed up as we are from receiving crap from these Spammers, perhaps you should send your complaints to one of the following e-mail addresses:

contact_us@mosaic.com , investor_relations@mosaic.com , public_relations@mosaic.com , webmaster@mosaic.com , hoholikJ@mosaicgroupinc.com , abuterbaugh@McGill.com , kerestecig@mosaicca.com , bill.french@mosaicgroupinc.com , mike.britton@mosaic-infoforce.com , GraemeB@mosaicretail.com , blee@tmgsolutionsinc.com , jacques.gravel@mosaicgroupinc.com , david.byron@mosaicperformance.com , skeam@mosaicca.com , barry@securedpromotions.com or gerry.henstra@mosaicgroupinc.com
I'm sure one of them may be able to help or may know who can help.

Their colleague, jon.ward@mosaic-uk.com is also bound to want to help, I'm sure, as might privacyadvocate@bessdeals.co.uk although I doubt it.

Mosaic UK Limited are sending us a number of e-mails every day for their clients who are stupid enough to pay Spammers, so as of 11 December 2002, we've decided to add them to our list of people who support Spam:


Direct Auto Finance Ltd aka Yes Car Credit

sales@betterbetz.com or more likely bizziwizz@msn.com

eric@beyondigital.com and dmuir@beyondigital.com

puma.telecom@biz-campaigns.co.uk - unfortunately, that looks very much like a fire and forget domain name registration - who used a Fasthosts account to send their spam. Likewise all the images and forms were hosted on a fire and forget domain name also registered with 123-reg.co.uk. Puma Telecom have been sending Spam messages for years now: just Google for them and you'll see what we mean.

sales@blankcdr.co.uk customer.service@blankcdr.co.uk

services@britannia-music.co.uk - they use a mob/person called Omni Point Marketing in Fort Lauderdale to send their Spam and not a UK ISP. I wonder why? What Britannia don't appear to have checked is whether these Spammers are a long-established, legitimate business. I'll merely comment that the domain name opmnetwork.net was only registered for one year in March 2002 to an AOL address...


webmaster@british-hotels-directory.com (he doesn't want Spam himself: see the whois data!)


sales@buyacheappc.co.uk who are also sales@home-pc.co.uk and sales@expresslaptop.co.uk as well as sales@ucs.co.uk and sales@unidam.com

customerservicesw@cardata.co.uk salesw@cardata.co.uk sales@cardata.co.uk - these particular Spammers are now passing on their lists to other idiots companies like Dial-A-Phone.

reg@carnegiesun.com and presumably sales@carnegiesun.com or mail@carnegiesun.com

customer.services@ccachristmasdirect.co.uk or feedback@ccachristmasdirect.co.uk who sent their Spam from santa@cca.e-rm.co.uk (which belongs to enquiries@e-rm.co.uk).

sales@cd-uk.net; marketing@cd-uk.net; stuartq@cd-uk.net

sandra.langendoen@CENTERPARCS.COM who chose info@frontwire.com to send the Spam.

sales@centralcontracts.com or Barry Jones who used Mailreach.co.uk which is registered to a Hayley Hallsworth: maybe her e-mail address might be hayley@mailreach.co.uk

dickietruelove@cjb.net who uses your friends and mine suny@publicf.bta.net.cn and ipmaster@capitalnet.com.cn or hostmast@publicf.bta.net.cn - probably the source of most of the Spam we receive from the hardcore Spammers (those who know the ins and outs).

info@cbup.com and costabusiness@terra.es




info@cityfurniturehireltd.com or newsletter@cityfurniturehireltd.com

tellmemore@cleverpages.co.uk which is info@fiercesolutions.co.uk and tandb32@ntlworld.com

Click4Mobile.co.uk is registered to robert.mcdonagh@uk.umis.net and they use our old friends Experian Ltd  and canvassemail.com as their Spammer of choice. Old friends because they once asked very nicely to be removed from this page and we did. Sorry chaps, you're back on again.



may11@companycarconsultants.co.uk and info@companycarconsultants.co.uk who used elmn.com and optinmailserver.com for their Spam sending.

rewards@consumerlifestyles.co.uk sales@consumerlifestyles.co.uk sales@consumerlifestyles.com and their admin. contact simon.johnson@datalocator.com


info@corporate-promotions.co.uk These people used a Chinese spammer to send their junk and services apparently provided by a "get it and forget it" domain name b2bcomms.org which belongs to sales@in4tech.co.uk The same people have also registered b2bmailout.org on a similar basis. Ring Paul Davie on 0845 0701041 or fax him on 0871 2429721 if you need to speak to them.

ForumofPrivateBusiness@corporate-response.co.uk who seem to be tied up with postmaster@imagevault.biz which was registered by greer.barbara@googlemail.com


davidbrockway@crewise.comsheilahunter@crewise.com  jenny@crewise.com - they seem not to know the meaning of Spam either...


info@dataprofessionals.co.uk - they proudly proclaim that:

"We are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Mailing Preference Service (MPS), E-mail Preference Service (EPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Fax Preference Service (FPS)..."

Then why are they spamming us?

admin@dciuk.co.uk sales@dciinternational.co.uk

info@deltapublications.co.uk who now seem to have moved into printing...

Capital1@dbsdata.co.uk deletions@dbsdata.co.uk sales@dbsdata.co.uk for their Spam list.

info@deviousevents.com news@deviousevents.com

internetsales@dialaphone.co.uk and customerservices@dialaphone.co.uk - these are using those Spammers Cardata for their Spam lists - they are based remarkably near to each other...

ebounce@docu-man.co.uk or enquiries@docu-man.co.uk who used MailEngine1.com

info@dolchenero.co.uk info@dolchenero1.co.uk


sales@dvl-eastanglia.net lindsay@dvlea.net or claire@directvehicleleasing.net

sales@e-cigs.co.uk, deliveries@e-cigs.co.uk, info@e-cigs.co.uk, info@smartbuy24.com, marc@smartbuy24.com



Getting stuff - usually pornographic - from ecnfrm.com? Well it's all to do with a bunch of Spammers from Curacao who various run the emailbucks.com and combocash.com entities as well as DNS Management Systems.


Always good to see local businesses getting some attention: stand up and be counted Philip Adams from 11 Lynn Close, Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich. He's the one behind promotions@emailfactory.com support@emailerfactory.com  pa@inspireresponse.com or info@inspireresponse.com

lcheyne@europc.co.uk (sales@europc.co.uk perhaps) who used sales@elistmanager.co.uk to send some of their Spam before sending it themselves more recently.

business@etitles.net enquiries@etitles.net support@etitles.net info@etitles.net ian.willey@enquiringmind.com

sales@eurowidepc.com whose admin. and billing contact is jennifer.beaton@ntlworld.com

sales@eurowidepc.net whose contact details are admin@eurowidepc.net. Also now using sales@ukpcwarehouse.co.uk

support@evidence-eliminator.com and domains@evidence-eliminator.com

offers@express-cartridges.co.uk info@express-cartridges.co.uk


info@eyeclearing.com; support@eyeclearing.com; sales@eyeclearing.com; affiliate@eyeclearing.com

info@finetopservices.com or sales@finetopservices.com or support@finetopservices.com or webmaster@finetopservices.com

contacts@firstchoicehampers.com contacts@firstchoicehampers.co.uk and mark@lytton-consultants.co.uk


mail@fleet-wise.net or info@medialogisticsuk.net who used a Spammer in Canada to try to get around the UK/EU spam legislation. The mail purportedly came from a nuserver.net address which is administered by jane@medialogisiticsuk.net support@medialogisticsuk.net

 hostmaster@forfront.net or I suppose hostmaster@e-shot.biz

Returnszeronine@mailbc.co.uk - a spam from The Franchise Doctors Ltd who used a Spam service, mailbc.co.uk, from Frankform International Group Ltd run by Colin Franklin and whose Data Controller is keith.holland@frankdata.uk.com. Apparently, you can ask them what information they hold on you by e-mailing admin@frankdata.uk.com


solutions@freshwatersolutions.com and freshwater@euphony.net

custsupport@frontline.co.uk, sales@frontline.co.uk, deals@frontline.co.uk and technicalsupport@frontline.co.uk


info@gracepartnership.com and rchild@gracepartnership.com or mail@gracepartnership.com - registered to petegrace@aol.com

sales@gresataa.com and wabgyipint1@yahoo.com.cn

info@get.uk.com info@get-online-marketing.co.uk

enquiries@g-tec.co.uk melissap@g-tec.co.uk and neils@g-tec.co.uk who used XPD Limited to actually send the Spam. They set up a new domain name, CTM9.com,  on a one year registration; perhaps this was for this campaign only? They also used clic2mail.com to track the Spam - another domain name set up in December 2002 for a new Spam service. We've received more crap from XPD Limited via CTM1.com,  which includes blatant lies:

"This message is sent to you from our client's lists and is in compliance with the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. This is a commercial communication which includes an automatic unsubscribe which will immediately remove your email from their mailing list for any future transmissions. As a service provider to our client we are not directly liable for the information or images in this message as we have not amended or manipulated it in any way prior to transmission."

Liars. Look at the source code and it's riddled with tracking URLs. I've also never done repeat business with people using multiple e-mail addresses from the same domain.

NEC are the latest company to use XPD Limited - you'd have thought they'd have known better...


cat@g-tec.co.uk danny.francis@g-tec.co.uk staff@xpmail.co.uk - yes it's them again. They've now moved on and are letting another Daniel or perhaps a series of Daniels handle their Spam. They proudly proclaim their membership of the Direct Spammers Marketing Association... I'll let you draw your won conclusions about them.

info@headsetsolutions.co.uk (CommsCare) This is another bunch of charmers that use sales@magicdata.co.uk or sales@franklindata.co.uk to Spam us. The latter must have a really good sales pitch or perhaps they just target the most gullible of businesses... They've now moved on to another Spammer to send their crap to us: Contact Systems at Woking. Try James McCloud for complaints. He may also be contactable at this e-mail address.

postmaster@heresspace.co.uk info@heresspace.co.uk

listmanager@major.hlmail.co.uk listserv@major.hlmail.co.uk or perhaps info@hargreaveslansdown.co.uk


brian@highjuice.com sales@highjuice.com

sales@hiwaygroup.co.uk admin@hiwaygroup.co.uk helpdesk@hiwaygroup.co.uk sales@hiwayhifi.com newsletter@hiwaygroup.co.uk

list@holidays-breaks.com or admin@holiday-breaks.com or perhaps peterowen_uk@yahoo.co.uk


oliver@hr-dept.co.uk and enquiries@hr-dept.co.uk



support@idiom4.com; paul@idiom4.com

feedback@impressmusic-uk.com mailb@impress-uk.com the latter domain being a Spam-friendly one year registration by support@IONTECHNOLOGIES.COM


webmaster@isingles.co.uk - if these people believe what they say, then they're even worse dickheads than we thought:

itsgonnalose@supanet.com or sales@itsgonnalose.co.uk

claire@jackieroberts.com or is that antony@jackieroberts.com ? Perhaps jackie@jackieroberts.com could advise you? Or simon@jackieroberts.com or claire@manchestercollegeofnlp.com and unsubscribe@manchestercollegeofnlp.com or peter@jackieroberts.com and info@jackieroberts.com






Koach Direct or tuesday350@hotmail.com or gavin@koach.net or info@koach.net



sales@leisuredirection.co.uk customerservices@leisuredirection.co.uk

contact@link2buy.com aka hostmaster@shopnow.com - these 'people' really piss us off!


feedback@listlocator.co.uk enquiries@listlocator.co.uk who also use sales@magicdata.co.uk for their Spamming prowess. List Locator now seem to have switched to Email Reaction Ltd for their Spamming. The emailreaction.com domain name admin. and technical contacts are both mikedirectnic@austin-uk.co.uk. List Locator seems to be owned or operated by COUNTYWeb Ltd (mustn't forget that 'O') in Ipswich. List Locator are switching spammers all over the place, the latest being Traveller Ltd working out of Cyprus.

vehicles@mail-return.org Here's some more Spam propagated by our old friends, in4tech solutions. This time using their mail-return.org and link-media.org domain names (and thence return-prompt.org). Funny how they hode their own e-mail address when they register domain names...

guy@mailtrack.com I'm really getting to hate Guy Marson, Chief Executive of Mailtrack Limited. "Do as I say, not as I do" would seem appropriate for him:

postmaster@marketing-hotspot.co.uk info@marketing-hotspot.co.uk

info@marketingresponse.co.uk or info@medialogisticsuk.net and presumably info@medialogisticsuk.biz - you can usually spot a spammer as they seem to be the ones using .biz TLDs.




info@mobilephonia.com info@mobilephonia.co.uk jaw1973@yahoo.com




salesuk@nec-computers.com who used CTM2.com

info@newmind.co.uk and enquiries@iomis.com or domains@newmind.co.uk

webgenies@offers2inbox.co.uk info@WebGenies.co.uk

info@oneyma.com whose registrant is dnsadmin@idoink.com

colin@packabag.com although the domain registrant is Walker Design


sales@panelwarehouse.com whose admin. contact is andrew@idesign-graphics.co.uk

newsletter@payadvisor.co.uk contact@payadvisor.co.uk




info@popi.co.uk and info@popidesign.co.uk


count@premierlists.com sales@premierlists.com info@premierlists.com or gary@premierlists.com or Premiermay03@emailfactories.net who used spam@emailfactory.co.uk to send their junk.


sales@privatehealthquotes.co.uk or is that mail@b-individual.com perhaps? The former domain name is registered to Get-A-Life Health E Life with an address of 123 Northfield Road, Peterborough. The latter domain name is registered to Fantastic Solutions Ltd of the same address... A look at Fantastic Solutions' web site shows that the author is a Lee Gilbert. Funnily enough, there's a Lee Gilbert of 123 Northfield Road, Peterborough listed as Conservative Councillor for Peterborough City Council. Go along to one of their surgeries if you need to complain in person...

ryan@profitclub.co.uk ryan@profitclub.ccsend.com team@profitclub.co.uk is another one using Constant Contact for spamming.


info@pro-software.co.uk and mail@pro-software.co.uk these charmers sell list of "British e-mail addresses" but they're entirely legitimate ... they say:

So there you are: according to a Spammer, if you have an e-mail address published on a web site then you obviously want to be included on Spam lists...


sales@mail-pumatelecom.co.uk who just happen to have used and perhaps be EmailFactory UK

sales@pvssystems.com at a guess, or pvssys@hotmail.com (great business e-mail address, huh?) or perhaps pvscomps@uku.co.uk


sales@rbsh.co.uk claiming to be PaulBentley@Industrymailsend.info which of course is a fire and forget domain name postmaster@industrymailsend.info much like postmaster@formreponse.info and postmaster@graphicsend.biz who were all involved. They also use GMail addresses like pamyoung1804@googlemail.com and 577f2377f3c62713ccf55c9890ee38d8-1073680@owner.gandi.net as they only register junk domains for a year.

More from that bunch of regular spammers Racing & Ball Sports Corporate Hospitality Ltd claiming to be from PaulBentley@sporting-marketing.co.uk and indeed PaulBentley@hospitality-events.co.uk

paulbentley@mycorporatedaysout.co.uk mail@mycorporatedaysout.co.uk Just fuck off and die, you cunts!

abuse@recessionspecials.com and unsubscribe@recessionspecials.com (registered to help@ineedemailhelp.com or info@ineedemailhelp.com) - how I hate these people...


info@recvids.com alex@recvids.com mike@recvids.com katy@recvids.com and their colleagues Sophie.Menzies@optusnet.com.au They share the same address and telephone number as info@recruitmenttrainingnews.com editor@recruitmenttrainingnews.com ads@recruitmenttrainingnews.com which must make it easy for them to get copy into the newsletters... Funnily enough, they seem to share the same spam list as Koach - see above.

pasha@redalertpr.co.uk paradisco@redalertpr.co.uk sarah@redalertpr.co.uk taz@redalertpr.co.uk clubenigma@tiscali.co.uk pacha@redalertpr.co.uk abstact@redalertpr.co.uk johnduckett007@aol.com glitterati@glitteratiparties.co.uk clubenigma@btinternet.com  who used support@sign-up.to or solutions@sign-up.to or helpme@sign-up.to who laughingly say:

"Sign-up.to has been designed from the outset to ensure anyone using the system conforms to these basic requirements [the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003]."


"The Sign-Up.to logo is designed to be a 'badge of trust' for permission marketing - when consumers see our logo on a subscription form they know that their data will be treated with respect, and it will not be used for purposes to which they have not consented.

The Sign-Up.to system allows only verified opt-in subscriptions, and ensures that all consumers can opt-out quickly, easily and permanently from any communication they receive, be it email or SMS."

Er, does it, bollocks! I'll leave them to tell us the truth: "We take unsolicited emailing very seriously." Yes, I expect they do, given that they make money from it...


Regus, or at least that's who they claim to be. The e-mail came from regus@myregusoffice.com but that's registered to info@tmaglobal.com They then used our old friends to send the Spam. Yes, eCircle. Their contact details used to be on the site until they gave us their undertaking to remove us from any and all e-mail lists. So here they are again:

team-uk@ecircle-uk.com team@domeus.co.uk teamukoffers3@ecircle-uk.com raithofer@ecircle.de info@ecircle-ag.com hostmaster@ecircle-ag.com

If you remember they also said that not opting-out was the same as opting-in...

info@retail-eyes.com This Spam used a number of image links to retaileyes.co.uk as well as which has valid reverse DNS to propertyman.co.uk which itself has links to propertyman@e-file-uk.com. retail-eyes.com is registered to E File UK Ltd or marcus.alder@e-file-uk.com (this domain being registered to alder@creativityinc.fsnet.co.uk) or you might reach him at one of these addresses: info@e-file-uk.com sales@e-file-uk.com support@e-file-uk.com or careers@e-file-uk.com




booking@sales-solutions.co.uk info@sales-solutions-uk.com peter@claytonmail.co.uk


dan@searchquest.co.uk who used DreamRealms.net for his Spam

sales@secureit.co.uk or one of the following:

How I hate these lot: this is their supposed "Anti-Spam Policy" which looks remarkably pro-spamming to me:

info@sexyhampers.com newsletter@sexyhamper.com - the domain being registered to kevin.sheldrake@ntlworld.com

tonym@shred-fast.co.uk sales@shred-fast.co.uk sales@shred-fast.com tony@shred-fast.com

enquiries@simplesolutions-online.co.uk info@simplesolutions-online.co.uk and postmaster@simplesolutions-online.co.uk

business@signingstars.co.uk enquiries@signingstars.co.uk remove.me@signingstars.co.uk

PaulG@smc-uk.net who used XPD Limited to send the Spam via their newish c2m120.com domain name. They also used clic2mail.com to track the Spam - another domain name set up in December 2002 for a new Spam service.

sales@smokersassociation.co.uk or sales@costabiz.com or costabusiness@terra.es


tracy.tappenden@spearhead-training.co.uk info@spearhead-training.co.uk

info@spellsoftware.com sales@spellsoftware.com customercare@spellsoftware.com sabooby@hotmailcom

sales@spire.co.uk pcsales@spire.co.uk returns@spire.co.uk accounts@spire.co.uk tech@spire.co.uk webmaster@spire.co.uk


jon@thanhorswell.com - a pity, this one. He runs a business listings web site for our town that could fairly be said to be in competition with ours. No problem there. When they sent out forms asking companies to add their details, there was nothing in there about opting in to receive e-mails from them touting for business. Pity then that he sent one to a sister company here using a unique e-mail only given to that site...

enquiries@springbar.co.uk who told me on 17 June 2002 that they used 4contact Limited. When I rang 4contact on 0115 950 3888, someone calling himself David Jones told me they got their lists from other lists, opt-in of course ... NOT!  Another version of their web site gives an address of 4contact-Ltd, 10 Clarendon Chambers, 32 Clarendon Street, Nottingham. NG1 5LN, although the 4contact one doesn't. Isn't it funny how the Spammers never like giving their details? Springbar claims to be a Perrier Vitel company, part of Nestlé.

4contact Limited is also the registrant of CheapestLoansUK.com by the way...  Steven Sullivan, I'm sorry, 4contact Limited appears to be behind a number of other Spam campaigns particularly for water coolers or at least that's the impression the amazingly similar - perhaps even identical - coding gives. Their latest Clients would appear to include First Choice Water Coolers. Hmm. The use of a fsnet.co.uk single page web site for these offers - common to the ones 4contact Limited are behind - seems to be spreading amongst water cooler companies, the latest being Angel Coolers. Steven Sullivan is also behind the latest load of Spam arriving here: this time, he's using his usual tactics to push his bespokemail Spam service. They're rather like his new Discount Email Stock operation: this even has a telephone contact number at 75p per minute: I wonder how long this prat will keep you hanging on racking us his profit? He's now using China Railway Telecommunications Center in Beijing to host his latest offering bespokemarketing.co.uk which offers software to harvest e-mail addresses and then spam them using its built in SMTP server "therefore avoiding problems with your internet account" which is probably whey he sent his latest batch using a forged Yahoo address from his Chinese ISP. He also claims to be working from Unit 2, Notitngham [sic - not so good for a supposed web design company] Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2BY whose telephone number is 0870 7501178. The tosser is very careful with his sales spiel for his products that promise to send over 15,000 spam messages every hour (well, except for the spellings):

"As with most forms of direct marketing, email marketing has its oponenets [sic]. However it is still perfectly legal to send email marketing to businesses in the Uk and throughout the world and it remains one of the cheapest and most successful forms of direct marketing.

We will source your target customer database, design a professional email, send your email to your target cuastomers
[sic], filter the responses and finally pass the
pass the incoming enquiries to you, it couldn't be easier!"

Sprint Telecom are the latest fools to use sales@magicdata.co.uk or sales@franklindata.co.uk to Spam us.

sales@skytronik.co.uk, sash@skytronik.co.uk and info@skytronik.com together with webmaster@skytronik.co.uk and duminda@skytronik.co.uk


enquiries@talacrebeach.co.uk and its Spammer of choice postmaster@glasshousedesign.co.uk Ironically, Talacre Beach Group are supposedly totally against Spam ... except, apparently when they send it. They're now using support@leadbank.co.uk or "Rocketfish Ltd T/A Leadbank.co.uk" (although the domain name is registered to "Glasshouse"...). Another domain name that Leadbank are using is leadbank.net which has some decidedly dodgy whois data...

sales@technical-sales-training-manuals.com (snappy e-mail address, eh?) and info@ukdatacds.com


sue@tierthree.co.uk or should that be info@bitesizeseminars.co.uk


privacy@theritzclublondon.com who used a Florida-based Spammer (Florida is in a battle with the Far East for the title of Spam capital of the world) called AmazingOffersDirect.net. The Spam used another company's servers for the images: MyOffers Limited in Lincoln. Also associated with this Spam are our friends at info@frontwire.com and their fw-reply.com domain.

info@thetrainingguild.com or peter@claytonmail.co.uk




sales@twplc.co.uk info@twplc.co.uk sales@0800freephonenumbers.com

info@uk-panel.com mpopescu02@yahoo.com

sales@ukfaxdisk.com ben@endeverus.com enquiries@endeverus.com ben@fcgfreepoint.com offer@ukfaxdisk.com


sales@uksoftwarehouse.co.uk mail@uksoftwarehouse.co.uk


sales@unicompc.co.uk andrew@unicompc.co.uk

webtech@urefilltoner.co.uk help@refilltoner.com mark@refilltoner.com

technical@valuelist.co.uk accounts@valuelist.co.uk salesenquiries@valuelist.co.uk and unsubscribe@valuelistmail.co.uk email@valuelistmail.co.uk enquires@valuelist.co.uk who Spammed us, claiming:

"You have been emailed from a opted in list".

'Opted-in' by you, you mean...




info@watcha.co.uk support@watcha.co.uk abuse@watcha.co.uk sales@watcha.co.uk

consumer@web-clubsmail.co.uk info@web-clubs.co.uk david@web-clubs.co.uk anthony@web-clubs.co.uk info@webbrands.co.uk info@ok-mail.co.uk postmaster@ok-mail.co.uk

"The Promoter is IPT Limited, 1 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PN. IPT is registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act and practices 100% opt-in permission marketing." Yeah, right...

claire.white@websight.co.uk bounce@websight.co.uk info@websight.co.uk

info@welease.co.uk quote@welease.co.uk

sales@westcorp-uk.com helpdesk@westcorp-uk.com quotes@westcorp-uk.com unsubscribe@westcorp-uk.com mbarsaukas@yahoo.com sales@westcorp-direct.com helpdesk@westcorp-direct.com quotes@westcorp-direct.com unsubscribe@westcorp-direct.com  matt@equicorp.co.uk

info@whichtable.com support@whichtable.com sales@whichtable.com info@informist.co.uk

sales@wholesaleproperties.co.uk who are so thick they cannot even use decent grammar!

jilly@mail.win4now.co.uk or help@win4now.co.uk or sales@win4now.co.uk who, along with owners info@dmri.co.uk sales@dmri.co.uk sales@carsource.co.uk sales@vansunited.co.uk, claim to be members of the Spammers Association, sorry the Direct Marketing Association. They used complaints@communicatorcorp.com or info@communicatorcorp.com to send the Spam out for them, probably because they too are members of the DMA.

enquiry@windsor-telecom.co.uk who used sales@magicdata.co.uk or sales@franklindata.co.uk


yespleez@emc1.co.uk customerservice@yespleez.co.uk unsubscribe@yespleez.co.uk ch@retail-internet.co.uk who used enquiries@mailcom.co.uk

The worst thing is that some supposedly responsible UK companies and organisations seem to think that because they receive spam it's OK for them to send it too. Stand up and be counted:

Accucard who used a Spammer called emailbureau.co.uk The latter site is as usual for a Spammer terriby informative (sarcasm alert) and the domain name is registered to Dermot Skinner. A Dermot Skinner is, apparently, a director of Emailbureau Limited, according to http://www.ok-mail.co.uk/directors.htm OK-mail has a privacy policy: believe what you wish...

Spookily enough, we had an e-mail from someone who'd been spammed by Consumer House venture on the same day that we received spam from the Shopping Brands outlet. If you check that web site, you'll see that nowhere does it tell you who they are. Only by inspecting the source code can you see that it links to emailbureau.co.uk These brands are owned by IPT Limited.

Our correspondent took time to list contacts at IPT:

Name: Martin Kiersnowski
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Email: martin.kiersnowski@ipt-ltd.co.uk
Telephone: 0207 932 4132

Name: Phil Booker
Position: Business Development Manager
Email: phil.booker@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 0207 932 4143

Name: Jason Andrews
Position: Business Development Consultant
Email: jason.andrews@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 020 7932 4132

Name: Toby Selves
Position: Sales Manager
Email: toby.selves@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 0207 932 4116

Name: Karen Crimmins
Position: Sales Director
Email: karen.crimmins@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 020 7932 4121

Name: Colin Pearce
Position: Sales Manager
Email: colin.pearce@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 020 7932 4136

Name: Ian Elwes
Position: Chief Executive
Email: ianelwes@everyinvestor.co.uk 
Telephone: 0207 932 4152

Name: Mike Parry
Position: Sales Director
Email: mike.parry@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 0207 932 4162

Name: Michael Binns
Position: Managing Director
Email: michael.binns@ipt-ltd.co.uk 
Telephone: 0207 932 4141



These two chose to use an outfit called EachweekUK who actually appear to be a bunch of spammers from Illinois...

Virgin Wines apparently dumped EachweekUK and are now using another Spammer, which uses the rbmailsource.com and rbexpress.org domain names registered by Josh Berm, carefully hiding their true identity - why should they if they are indeed a legitimate business? It seems that Datawatch Europe have also bought into that list as has themutual.net and BT Ignite of all people to warn us about hackers!  RB Express sent the BT e-mail via a new domain name registered for a year - disposable, no, surely not - of dlbnetworks.net which is registered to info@internetproductsgroup.com Mail for these domains is handled by ResponseBase itself registered by tom.anderson@responsebase.com

Virgin Money used an advertising agency called glue London Ltd to create a Spam message: the source code shows Carl Huber as being the author of the message. Either Virgin Money, glue London or MBNA Europe who handle Virgin Credit Card decided then to use a one-shot domain name using Spammer "Fibrenet" in Florida, presumably to get around the EU Directive and Electronic Commerce Directive Regulations (2002). Of course, MBNA are also deeply pissing me off by ringing most evenings this week trying to flog Ryanair bloody credit cards to us. I'm seriously contemplating cancelling my long-standing MBNA card because of it...

BUPA is another outfit using our old friends, Spammer du Jour RB Express (see above). Their e-mail is using the services of traq.it (Mailtrack Limited) to monitor the Spammage.

Datawatch Europe is another outfit using RB Express (see above).

bristol@hays-ap.com or bristol@hays-ap.co.uk, sarah.wright@hays-hps.com (email.helpdesk@hays.com) and info@hayshrsolutions.com

IBM's "UK SMB Marketing Manager", a Kylie McLean, is also at it, using Responsys to send the Spam. Interestingly, the Reply To: address was a different company, Acxiom Corporation.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales who used YTKO for their Spam (aka Responses.com)

npower became the latest company to be added to our shitlist for sending me Spam this morning to an e-mail address that's only ever been used to register some domain names. "Your information was provided by DBS datamarketing." That'd be www.dbsdata.co.uk

Anyone else who gets this might like to contact DBS through the contact details they have with the Mail Preference Service for starters: Contact, Kelly Johnson kellyj@dbsdata.co.uk  apparently, you can ask to be removed by e-mailing npower@dbsdeletions.co.uk  - yes, that's a fire and forget domain name set up in November 2005. DBS data marketing sent the message though the ec-messenger.com domain which of course is owned and operated by good old ECircle, that other fine bunch of Spammers.

And yes, more Spam sent to the same address from the same people. This time it's Prudential Health (PruHealth) that have used DBS data marketing - and DBS data solutions aren't cheap, either. You'd think for £180/1000 addresses they'd be guaranteeing that the addresses were really opt-in. After all:

"An advantage of this type of data usage is that the receivers of the ad message shouldn’t perceive the message as SPAM due to the recognition of the source by which their name was supplied."

Well, unless we recognise the source as being a domain name registration address typically harvested by Spammers such as, well, DBS data solutions...

T-Mobile seem to have chosen to use Spam for their marketing needs which is a pity as we were thinking of choosing them for some 3G datacards. Ah well, that was until they chose two great Spammers to send their marketing shite to us: firstly, DBS data marketing was used and now Emailmovers at enquiries@emailmovers.com via replies@replies.info both of whom still use ECircle to send their Spam.

Virgin Records have chosen to use Spamco.net, sorry, SMSco.net to send text message spams to one of our mobiles which is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (UK users, 0845 0700707). SMSco.net is registered to BEMMS Ltd and the infrastructure for the messaging is provided by Lammtara Multiserve. BEMMS Limited's domain name is itself registered to Lammtara Multiserve (01706 221777).

Which? Online also spammed a fake e-mail address which is a bit rich coming from a self-styled consumer champion. They used French Spammer E-Mail Vision - set up by Nick Heys - for their Spam.

And even some ISPs who should know better are at it:

Tiscali: abuse@uk.tiscali.com or advertising@uk.tiscali.com They're now using Mailtrack Limited for their spammage.

Tiscali are also a Spamhaus: a haven for a particular UK Spammer, Choice Office Furniture Ltd. Despite numerous requests, Tiscali have done nothing permanent to stop them from using Tiscali's mail servers to spam us repeatedly. Their other, unpublicised e-mail address is info@choiceofficefurniture.co.uk - perhaps they'll start sending themselves spam, perhaps even to choiceoffice@ic24.net which was the e-mail address they used to register another domain name - perhaps info@choiceoffice.net might also reach them. [14 January 2003] Well, well, they're back and still using Tiscali as their ISP despite numerous requests by us to have their account terminated. If you get spam from Choice Office Furniture, I would not recommend e-mailing them at general@choiceoffice.net, sales@choiceoffice.net, support@choiceoffice.net or webmaster@choiceoffice.net

BTignite of all people, who spammed us with details of better security for our web site ... ho hum. They used Frankform Ltd as their spammer of choice.  They've now dumped that bunch of twats and signed up with Spammer du Jour RB Express (see above).

Lycos UK obviously don't know what a double opt-in procedure is (as operated by the BBC and other responsible companies) as they allow dimwits to sign up using the wrong e-mail address. Lycos UK use an Italian company, Messagizer.co.uk, to send their Spam.

The worst spammers of all, however, are those who send junk mail (of various kinds...) to my children's domains or cold-call their mobile phones - I hope these spammers die a slow and painful death...

careers@cdleurope.com care@cdleurope.com info@cdleurope.com





enquiries@tlsdata.co.uk webmaster@symposium-events.co.uk enquiries@expd.co.uk Phardip.Bharaj@rda.uk.com business@1stcallmobile.com or wayne@1stcallmobile.com enquiries@consultgee.co.uk all of whom got together to use one e-mail from those Spammers Franklin Spammer Group or whatever Colin Franklin calls himself: info@b2b-connect.co.uk Frankform Ltd sales@franklindata.co.uk Frankform International Group Ltd run by Colin Franklin and whose Data Controller is keith.holland@frankdata.uk.com. Apparently, you can ask them what information they hold on you by e-mailing admin@frankdata.uk.com. Also involved in this Spam were domain_request@intensive.net hill@infacta.com abuse@infacta.com info@infacta.com mail@tlsdata.co.uk andrew_sewell@yahoo.com returns@fdim.co.uk

Finally, there are those companies that choose to disrupt your working day by repeatedly ringing up to offer you a service you don't want or to ensure you're getting the best deal from whatever utility. Despite constantly telling them you're not interested and asking to be removed from their databases, they still call ... and call ... and call...

Stand up and be counted Universal Utilities on 0161 907 3788: their web site was still 'under construction' when we visited it, but the search engine caches refer to "Universal Utilities, aka switchingon.con" - yes, that's .con. Are they trying to tell us something?

Then you have those who send you junk faxes so you have to pay to receive them (in terms of paper, printing costs, annoyance, etc) despite having "opted-out" using the fax preference service a long while ago. People like Utilize.co.uk, for instance. These idiots allow you to leave your number and have it removed from their database ... until the next run (we received more of their crap overnight 11/12 March 2003).

Another fax spammer is Clive.Brown@xldata.co.uk Apparently:

Bollocks to they! The fax we received on 23 October 2003 was sent to our additional ADSL line that only has a fax and TAD and is never actually used to make or receive calls...

Another fax spammer is Ad-Fax Highlights or you could try info@ad-fax.co.uk

Another fax spammer, sending a spam fax every three days at the moment is sales@adpcs.com even if they don't own their own domain, it appears...

Yet another fax spammer - sales@gcgltd.co.uk and enquiries@gcgltd.co.uk or you could try sales@mypc.gbr.cc sales@freestart.plc.uk technical@freestart.plc.uk webmaster@freestart.plc.uk or sales@mypcukltd.co.uk These are all registered to Wade Johnson who got a mention on this web page. More from them from the same fax number, same format, but a new domain name/e-mail address: sales@ndrltd.co.uk

Another debt collection agency using fax spamming is sales@adcuk.net or info@adc-organisation.com

Another Mobile Phone spammer is "David Williams", "Venista" or support@bubblemobile.co.uk or info@bubblemobile.co.uk who tried to get us to sign up to receive WAP message at £1.50 apiece every 5 days. He's now been reported to the TPS as the phone is registered. We've also reported them - twice so far - to the Information Commissioner as this breaches Regulation 22.

Another fax spammer, this time from Australia: getaways@getawaysdownunder.com.au

And finally...

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